The economic downtown has hurt millions of people all around the world because of which the rate of unemployment has been increasing exponentially. Especially, this situation, in underdeveloped country like Pakistan, has been found on top gears because of which numerous people are suffering to survive. In addition, there are various other factors are also involved due to which the earning opportunities in Pakistan are less as compared to other countries.

Since, finding a job in Pakistan is very hard therefore, the importance of career planning is one of the major things that one should be doing all the time. Career planning plays an important role in growing career of individuals. Career planning is very beneficial as it allows people to move on and accelerate towards the path of success. In addition, a proper career planning will help you to avoid financial loss, focus on personal interest, and utilize your abilities. Hence, you will have a perfect realistic approach towards achieving the goals.

Students in our society start thinking about their careers usually after Matriculation or O-Levels. The challenge for them comes at the time of making the final decisions which is when they need to rush and hence make career decisions on the basis of unrealistic grounds such as market trend, parental influence, course with short duration of study, lack of interesting courses offered by recognised and top institutions, salary and benefits after graduation, and the cost of the course. Those who select a career on the basis these facts have no specific focus. They usually stay confused and are bound to face difficulty in finding a suitable and stable job for themselves.